Field planning and operational budgeting
Quality Control
Land/Terrain Management
Crop Receiving
Agricultural Activities Management

Field planning and operational budgeting

  • Crop cycle management.
  • Seasonal activities planning
  • Automatic operational budget estimation
  • Profitability and credit impact simulator (from Q2 2015)

Land/Terrain Management

  • Terrains registration and clasification
  • Variable data registry
  • Digital Map visualization
  • GIS Reports
  • Lifetime costs analysis

Agricultural Activities Management

  • Agricultural tasks scheduling of planned and/or unplanned activities.
  • Register real execution values and compare against benchmarks.
  • Keep control of the utilization of labor, machinery, equipment, and supplies.
  • Keep track of both quantities and costs of activities and their respective components (Eg. Supplies, mahciney, etc.)
  • Comparative cumulative cost analysis between the seasonal plan and reality (Cummulative cost curve).
  • Real-time schedule activities execution follow-up (% of execution)
  • Rules editor to automate activities scheduling based on environmental variables (Eg. Irrigate when soil humidity is low).

Quality Control

  • Create your own quality inspection plans based on your necessities
  • Evaluate quality across the board at 3 different dimensions: Quality of agricultural crop, crop health, and quality of performance of agricultural activities.
  • Capture GIS coordinates of samples. (On select hardware)

Crop Receiving

  • Harvested crop traceability ticket generation
  • Harvested crop weight capture
  • Harvest and transportation services recording
  • Harvested crop stock generation

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