Frequently asked Questions

  1. Q: Will you be able to work with XXX crop type?

    A: Simple Agri’s proceses are designed to be simple and mostly universal. We have adapted the system to be able to handle short, medium and long term crops. This means that it is very likely it will be useful to any farmer regardless of what crop they grow.

  2. Q: Will share or sell my data to third parties?

    A: Absolutely not!! In all cases your data remains your property and we won’t share it with anyone else. In the specific case of production clusters (different from individual customers) implementations data will be shared within members of the cluster only in the terms agreed on each specific case, but usually only consolidated non traceable data is shared for benchmarking purposes and sector wide analysis.

  3. Q: IS Simple Agri available in XXXX language?

    A: Currently Simple Agri is available in Dutch, English, Japanese, Portuguese, ans Spanish. More languages will be added soon.

  4. Q: How do I Access my Simple Agri instance?

    A: You instance will be directly accessible through the unique subdomain you created during the registration of your account. (XXXX.simpleagri.com)

  5. Q: How do I download your app to my smart phone?

    A: Currently you can find us on the googleplay store. Soon we will release IOS and Windows phone versions of Simple Agri.

  6. Q: Is there a tablet version available?

    Android, IOS, and Windows RT versions are scheduled to be released Q4 2014.

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